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UFC 303 Pereira vs Procházka 2 Live

UFC 303: Pereira vs Procházka 2, which took place on June 29th, 2024, was a light heavyweight title rematch between champion Alex Pereira and challenger Jiri Procházka. It headlined International Fight Week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

UFC 303: Pereira vs Procházka 2 Live

UFC 303: Pereira vs. Procházka 2 is one of the most anticipated events in the UFC calendar, featuring a rematch between two of the most dynamic and exciting fighters in the light heavyweight division. The event is set to showcase high-level mixed martial arts action and is expected to draw significant attention from fans worldwide.


Alex Pereira

Alex Pereira, a former Glory kickboxing champion, has made a significant impact since transitioning to MMA. Known for his striking prowess, Pereira quickly ascended the ranks in the UFC, capturing the middleweight title before moving up to the light heavyweight division. His knockout power and technical striking make him a formidable opponent for anyone in the division.

Jiří Procházka

Jiří Procházka, a former Rizin FF champion, is renowned for his unorthodox fighting style and relentless pace. His rise in the UFC has been marked by spectacular knockouts and exciting performances, culminating in him capturing the UFC light heavyweight title. Procházka’s dynamic striking and never-back-down attitude have made him a fan favorite.

The First Fight

The first encounter between Pereira and Procházka was a thrilling battle that showcased both fighters’ striking skills and toughness. Pereira’s precision and power were on full display, but Procházka’s resilience and unconventional approach kept the fight competitive. The bout ended with Pereira edging out a narrow decision victory, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated rematch.

UFC 303: The Rematch

The rematch at UFC 303 promises to be even more exciting, with both fighters looking to make adjustments and claim definitive victory. Key factors to watch include:

  1. Striking Exchanges: Both fighters are elite strikers with different styles. Pereira’s technical and powerful kickboxing will clash with Procházka’s wild and unpredictable striking. The ability to control the distance and timing will be crucial.
  2. Cardio and Endurance: The first fight was grueling, testing both fighters’ stamina. Conditioning and the ability to maintain a high pace will be critical, especially in the later rounds.
  3. Tactical Adjustments: Each fighter will likely make strategic changes based on the first fight. Pereira may look to exploit Procházka’s defensive lapses, while Procházka might aim to disrupt Pereira’s rhythm and capitalize on any openings.
  4. Ground Game: While both fighters prefer striking, their grappling abilities could play a role. Procházka’s unorthodox grappling and Pereira’s improving takedown defense could add an interesting dimension to the fight.

Co-Main Event and Undercard

UFC 303 also features a strong co-main event and undercard, with several high-stakes matchups:

  • Co-Main Event: A bantamweight title fight between the reigning champion and a top contender, promising fast-paced and technical action.
  • Undercard: Includes rising stars and veterans from various weight classes, ensuring a night full of competitive and entertaining bouts.


UFC 303: Pereira vs. Procházka 2 is set to be a memorable event with high stakes and electrifying matchups. Fans can expect a night of thrilling fights, highlighted by the highly anticipated rematch between two of the most exciting fighters in the light heavyweight division.

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